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On disliking the native son

Or, Why I'm trolling my home state's meme page.

I'm from the same state as Bode Miller. Yesterday/last night/early this morning he won Bronze at the Olympics. My home state's meme page posted a status about how "proud" they are of "BODE F-ING MILLER." Being the antagonistic person that I am, of course I had to say something. And now I have my state's meme page up in arms.


Look, I get that there are athletes and people who are objectively "worse" than Miller. But that doesn't mean that we need to celebrate a person who is an EPIC douchebag just because he can strap skis to his feet and go faster than some other people. I'm disappointed that Miller is more famous to people than other New Hampshirites who have done good in the world (or at least not been major douchebags), like Alan Shepherd, Christa McAuliffe, Tomie dePaola, Ken Burns, Gene Robinson, or, if we want to stay in sports, Chris Carpenter or Triple H. That was a ridiculous run-on sentence, but I think it proves my point- there are SO MANY other people from NH that we can be talking about.


And the meme page just posted a "Good Guy Bode Miller" photo. Unfollowed forever.

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